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The Murderous History of Qatar's Most Common Dessert

The origin story of Om Ali contains enough bloodshed to be a 'Game of Thrones' plot line.
Joy Hui Lin

'Grandma Cooking' Is the Inspiration for Rose Previte's Middle Eastern Restaurant

"In Maydān, we’re creating a space for expats and exiles to feel safe," the Lebanese-American restaurateur says.
Mayukh Sen

Matty Matheson Makes Chicken Kofta on 'IT'S SUPPERTIME!'

Tune in to VICELAND Thursday for an all-new recipe, along with a trip to Alabama on 'BEERLAND.'
VICE Staff

Muhammara Recipe

A flavorful Middle Eastern dip that also happens to be 100 percent vegan.
Dixie Innes

This Restaurant Banned Avocado from Its Menu for Being Too Basic

“Avocado should complement dishes, and the team behind the restaurant believes it is time to share the limelight with some other culinary stars.”
Jelisa Castrodale
Iraqi cuisine

This Supper Club Might Change Your Mind About Iraq

“Culture, art, music, history, heritage—that’s not at the forefront of people’s mind when we hear the word ‘Iraq.’”
James Rippingale

This Iraqi Refugee Family Makes Cambodia’s Best Baba Ghanouj

Muna, her husband, and five sons fled their war torn hometown of Fallujah for Cambodia two years ago. Now in Phnom Penh, the family runs a restaurant recreating traditional Iraqi dishes with a makeshift oven and improvised ingredients.
Nathan A. Thompson
Middle eastern cooking

This Palestinian Chef Puts Pita Before Politics

“People often ask me what ‘Palestinian food’ is. I say, 'This is what my grandmother cooked before she knew there was another country other than where she lived.' She taught my mum. My mum taught me. That’s it.”
Johanna Derry

Meet the London Chef Making Meat on a Stick a Thing of Beauty

Josh Katz of Berber & Q wants diners to ditch the elephant-leg shawarma from the kebab shop for traditional Levantine charcoal-grilled meat.
Daisy Meager
Middle Eastern food

How Hummus Brought a Palestinian and an Israeli Together to Help Refugees in Berlin

When Jalil Dabit, a Palestinian restaurateur and chef, and Oz Ben David, an Israeli marketing guru, decided to launch Kanaan in Berlin, it was natural for the chickpea purée to feature prominently on the short menu.
Diana Hubbell
Middle Eastern food

These Butchers Are Bringing Middle Eastern Whole-Animal Roasts to LA

Debbie Michail and Alex Jermasek's roving pop-up Logmeh encourages diners to eat with their hands, make new friends, and experience cuisines that are frequently undervalued in the West.
Hillary Eaton

This Former Web Developer Is Bringing Syrian Food to Berlin

Hadi Nsreeny fled Aleppo for an IT job in Germany last year, but ended up introducing a Middle Eastern-inspired menu of hummus with flatbrot and baba ghanouj to Berlin's Wolff & Eber restaurant.
Alexandra Hayward