Depressing Lunch Photos from the Armpit of NYC

Photographer Chris Maggio captures the weird beauty of routine in the Midtown lunch hustle.


Trump Was Booed as He Went to Cast His Vote

As Trump skips the line and is shuffled inside, he raises his hand and waves to the crowd of waiting voters, who boo and heckle him.


Hot as Hell in Midtown

To photographer Chris Maggio, "Midtown Manhattan is fuckin' New York™, yaknowwhatImean®? It's one heck of a concrete hell when the weather reaches the tippy-top of the thermometer.


Video Shows NYPD Cop With Long History of Complaints Tackle Tennis Star James Blake

The NYPD released footage of an officer who faces multiple civilian complaints of excessive force wrestling the retired professional tennis player to the ground.


The NYPD Just Shot a Man Who Was Allegedly Attacking People with a Hammer

David Baril was shot in the head after he reportedly lunged at an officer who stopped him on the streets of Manhattan for questioning.


'On Broadway' Is a Stunning, Data-Driven Portrait of Life in New York City

Explore all 13 miles of Broadway in an interactive installation at the New York Public Library.


The Confrontational, Contemporary Street Photography of Jonathan Auch

"There is an unspoken violence that exists in the way we treat each other on the streets in New York. Instead of trying to romanticize that, I'd rather show it plain."


I Toured NYC's Least Hygienic Restaurants and They Were Delicious

I sampled food from restaurants that have fallen afoul of the Health Department, and enjoyed almost all of it. Then I puked.


This Year's SantaCon Was a Jolly Disgrace

Every December, hundreds of fuccbois and basics longing for a shameless seasonal kegger descend onto the streets of New York City dressed like Kris Kringle. This year, the event unfortunately landed on the same morning as the Millions March.


JAW May Have Been Kidnapped By Claptone

The Parisian vocalist is dropping a collaborative LP with 45 artists and just gifted us his new track with the golden-masked deep house deity.


Drive-Thru Records Releases, Ranked: From Bad to Really Bad

Your high school nostalgia is horribly off base.


Giving Handjobs for Money Is My Least Favorite Kind of Sex Work

I have been a sex worker for about seven years, but I recently turned 31, which means I'm a senior citizen in sex worker years, so last fall when a friend invited me to work at a handjob salon, I figured, I'll try my hand at that!