Migrant Kids


Hundreds of Migrant Kids in Government Shelters Are Put on Psychotropic Drugs, Says Watchdog Report

Many of the children appear to have been medicated without their parents’ consent.


Trump Wants to Keep Migrant Kids in Detention Indefinitely

New Trump regulation guts the Flores Agreement, which limited the amount of time children can be held in custody to 20 days.


4,000 Migrant Kids Might Have to Spend the Rest of Their Childhood in Federal Custody

The number of "Category 4" kids with no identifiable sponsor in the U.S. is unprecedented — and “alarming.”


EXCLUSIVE: HHS Is Shutting Down the Model Facility for Migrant Kids It Showed Off to Journalists

HHS invited journalists and politicians to visit a new emergency shelter in Carrizo Springs, Texas, which had soccer fields, a gazebo, and well-equipped classrooms. Less than a month later, it's shutting down.


What Life Is Actually Like for Kids in Migrant Detention Centers

"The whole thing is garbage right now. The kids are not being sent to any parent. It doesn’t make any sense."