Mike and Claire


Photos of Gender, Identity, and Prosthetics

We interviewed Claire Christerson about curating a booth for NYC's Photoville show.


Off Season, a New Short Film by Claire Christerson

Check out the VICE world premiere of Claire Christerson's "adult cartoon."


A New Art Film Inspired by Your Favorite Kids' TV Shows

Tonight, in the School of Visual Arts's Mentors Show, Claire Christerson will debut her most ambitious project to date, a short film titled Off Season.


Mike Bailey Gates's Tribute to Art School

Mike Bailey Gates is an artist we have featured repeatedly as part of the duo Mike and Claire. Now he's graduating from art school, and his thesis is a tribute to the people who have helped him along the way.


Mike and Claire's Valentine's Day 'Love Shack'

In this Valentine's Day video art piece, the artist's real life parents are haunted by a vaudeville show of love-hungry specters.


Mike and Claire Present: 'RATS'

Today we're hosting the world premiere of Mike and Claire's new piece, RATS, just in time for Halloween. The short is a queer romp through a mischievous, monochrome world. It's also really, really freaky.


Cameron Gray Wants You to Embrace 'Gymnasty' at His Gallery Opening Tonight

It's an art show that preaches "self-help advice and encouragement dispensed with a heavy dose of nihilistic pragmatism."


Mike and Claire's 'Fried Eggs'

The world premiere of a new video piece by Mike and Claire.


Psychedelic Easter Sunday

Since Easter is on 4/20 this year, we decided to give you a trippy reimagining of Jesus' special day!


GIFography: Explore A Map Of GIF Artists All Over The World

78 artist from 19 different countries are represented, and this is only the beginning of GIF-ography.


[Best of 2013]: The Year in GIFs

Artists Reed + Rader pick the best GIF moments from this past year


Artist Duo, Mike And Claire, Pick Up Where "Tim And Eric" Left Off

Pounds of face paint, extreme GIFs, and manic videos are in the arsenal of these brilliant weirdos