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College Basketball is Here to Save You

Rick Pitino losing his mind, Duke just straight up losing. It was a good night for college basketball.


Coach K Takes Away Duke's Nice Things Because They've Been Stinking Up the Joint

Coach K is pissed Duke keeps losing, so he kicked them out of the locker room and told them they couldn't wear their Blue Devils gear.


Duke Suspends Grayson Allen Indefinitely After Latest Tripping Incident

Grayson Allen tripped another player and is now suspended indefinitely.


Dillon Brooks Says Coach K Lectured Him for Shooting Three at End of Game

Brooks says he told him "you're too good of a player to be showing off at the end."


Duke Star Brandon Ingram Is Coming For That Number One Spot

Brandon Ingram arrived at Duke as a skinny kid with a powerful game, and has improved into an elite NBA prospect. Right now, though, he's out to conquer March.


Coach K Is Exactly Where He Wants To Be

Mike Krzyzewski is fresh off his fifth NCAA Championship, more than three decades deep in a historic career, and seemingly in no hurry to do anything but coach.


Happy and Mad In March

For various reasons, good and bad, Wisconsin and Duke are usually villains in March. This year both teams are uncharacteristically fun and characteristically great.


The Effective Mania of Coach K

With 1,000 wins to his name, it's time to consider the ur-authoritarian primacy of Coach K and what it says about the college game.


So, How Much Is a College Coach Really Worth?

As the average salary of college coaches soar, academics are growing more and more disgruntled with the priorities of American higher learning.


The Next NBA Labor War Is Already Here

Paul George's horrific leg injury opened the door to owners exerting even more control over players, but a backlash is brewing among Team USA.


This Duke Basketball Twitter Account Is Everything Hateable About Duke Basketball

A Twitter account that seeks to pummel followers with inspirational Coach K-isms and Luol Deng's contract terms? Sign us up.