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Noisey Power Rankings: October 29 - November 2

James Corden goes down this week for causing Ariana Grande bodily harm. Carly Rae Jepsen's new song gives her a bump up.
Noisey Staff

Oh Good, Mike Myers Says He Might Make Another Austin Powers Movie

He said the prospects for a new sequel are "looking good."
Beckett Mufson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Oh Good, Dr. Evil Says He's Running for President in 2020

He also named a running mate who's the only guy "more hated right now than Donald Trump"—Mark Zuckerberg.
River Donaghey

Does 'Austin Powers' Actually Suck?

Twenty years later, does 'International Man of Mystery' hold up or is it a dated mess?
Tre Johnson
Remembering Things

How Often Do You Think Beyoncé Regrets Being in 'Goldmember'?

Unlock the shag, the shag, unlock.
Emma Garland
Objectively Correct Lists

Kanye West Vs. Canada: A Timeline

No one man should really be able to take on an entire country, but here we are.
A Proud Canadian

An Oral History of 'The Littlest Hobo,' Canada's Greatest TV Show

One of Canada's most iconic television programs stars a German shepherd and a melancholy theme song that can stick in your brain for days.
Elianna Lev

The Funniest Sketches from Every Guest on the 'SNL' 40th Anniversary Special (Almost)

To celebrate Sunday's SNL 40th-anniversary show, we locked ourselves in a room and watched hours and hours of sketches to dig up the funniest (or close-to-funniest) clip of each confirmed guest as of yesterday.
James Yeh