Mikhail Prokhorov


Are The Islanders Leaving Brooklyn? Only If They Can't Shake Down Mikhail Prokhorov

New York Islanders co-owners John Ledecky and Scott Malkin reportedly are in talks to move to Queens. Is they serious about relocating, or just angling for a better deal at the Barclays Center?
Neil deMause
Jay Z

The Brooklyn Nets Are Still the Nets

They chose pedigree over promise and forewent the future. In trying to beat the Knicks, they became, well, the Knicks.
Mike Vorkunov
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This Is Not Basketball: The Brooklyn Nets as Dada Masterpiece

The Brooklyn Nets have been dull and less than mediocre this season, and may be for some time still. In their lameness, however, lies a secret: they are really an art experiment.
Alex Siquig
basketball tapioca

Five Years Later, the Nets are Still Boring and so is Their Owner's Love Life

In which a sports owner updates everyone on a thing that nobody except him cares about.
Mike Piellucci

Eat the Rich, or Why the NBA's Predatory Capitalism Must End

NBA teams are worth so much money that no one can come up with a big enough seeming figure. It's time players and fans start reclaiming what they've lost.
Patrick Redford
Jay Z

The Brooklyn Nets Are a Team About Nothing

As Kevin Garnett brays against, well, everything, the Nets are becoming a glitzy production with zero substance to back up all that glamour.
Colin McGowan

Jay-Z Barely Owns the Nets and That Barely Matters

Despite owning the most hilariously small sliver of the Nets’ pizza pie, Jay-Z basically facilitated the Nets’ migration across from Jersey to Brooklyn. He's the team's mascot, its public face, and he's laughing all the way to the bank.
Drew Millard