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Everything We Know So Far About ​the Man Who Was Shot by Cops After Allegedly Plotting to Behead a Conservative Pundit

When Usaamah Abdullah Rahim was killed on Tuesday, it looked to some like just another case of police excess. But the feds say the 26-year-old was planning to behead serial Muslim antagonist Pamela Geller.
Allie Conti

Do High-Profile Terrorism Arrests Actually Help the Islamic State?

Every time government officials make noise about how the Islamic State is threatening a series of deadly attacks on American soil, it only adds to that group's notoriety.
Ramzi Kassem

Why We Shouldn't Panic About Danish Welfare Money Going to Fighters in the Middle East

A terrorism expert told us it's unlikely militants were able to get their hands on the dough without being detected.
Mark Hay

Is a British Widow Really a Key Player in the African Militant Islamic Group al Shabaab?

Despite the tabloid-friendly idea that a violent Islamist group is run by a woman from England, security analysts believe these claims are silly.
Mark Hay

A Battle of Two Schoolhouses in Nigeria's War Against Boko Haram

The Nigerian army set up an outpost in a former girls' secondary school, while Boko Haram used a second school across the road as a staging ground for attacks.
Kaj Larsen

Why Do Bangladeshi Writers Keep Getting Murdered?

Bangladesh has never been an especially safe place for opposition writers, but things have begun spiraling out of control over the last two years.
Mark Hay

Illinois Cousins Arrested for Trying to Help the Islamic State

An alleged plot to shoot up an American military base was foiled by undercover feds.
Allie Conti

France Unveils Revised Military Strategy Following Paris Terror Attacks

France’s defense minister has announced more troops to combat Islamist insurgents in Africa's Sahel and a continued military presence on French soil, in the wake of January's terror attacks.
Pierre Longeray

The FBI Says It Stopped a 20-Year-Old's Terrorist Plot to Attack the US Capitol

The homegrown terrorist plot was foiled just a week after the "Charlie Hebdo" massacre.
Allie Conti

Can Hotlines Stop Muslims from Becoming Radicalized?

The Netherlands is the latest European country to launch a hotline aimed at talking Muslims in immigrant communities out of becoming jihadists, but it's not clear how effective these programs are.
Mark Hay

Infamous Quran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Is Now Cooking French Fries in Florida

I caught up with him after the Charlie Hebdo attacks to see if he was worried about being targeted by al Qaeda.
​Jon Silman

Danish Cops Are Trying to Rehabilitate Jihadists Returning from Syria

Some Danish Muslims who go to Syria want to do humanitarian work, while others want to wage jihad. Either way, many of them need counseling when they come back.
Mads Schmidt