Militarized Police


A Florida sheriff's anti-heroin video draws comparisons to ISIS propaganda

Sheriff Peyton Grinnell’s first attempt to strike terror into the hearts of local drug dealers looks a lot like a terrorist propaganda video.
Keegan Hamilton

Baton Rouge cops dressed for war to confront protesters

Police used armored vehicles and forceful tactics while making arrests and dispersing the hundreds who gathered to protest the death of Alton Sterling.
Tess Owen

​A New Weapon for SWAT Teams: Bomb-Squad Robots

Police departments around the country are deploying robots to defuse bombs and handle standoffs—and they may be getting increasingly weaponized.
Andy Beale
Bad Cop Blotter

​Why Are Cops Terrifying Children with Active Shooter Drills?

Cops reportedly brandished handguns and even an AR-15 rifle during the exercise, which may have done more harm than good by traumatizing a bunch of kids.
Lucy Steigerwald

What Does It Take to Be a Doctor on a SWAT Team?

I took a SWAT tactical medicine training course, and found out just how far America's fetish for militarized policing has crept.
Stuart Lewis
Bad Cop Blotter

Want to Keep the Cops Out of Your Phone? A Fingerprint Scanner Won't Help

Law enforcement agents can make you swipe a finger to unlock your cell phone, but old-school passwords still offer some measure of privacy.
Lucy Steigerwald

California Hells Angels Are Suing the Government for Blowing Up Their Clubhouse

Is the motorcycle gang being unfairly persecuted?
Allie Conti

There’s No Such Thing as a 'Non-Lethal' Weapon

Tasers, pepper spray, and other "non-lethal" or "less lethal" devices still have the potential to cripple or kill, and we need to recognize that.
Johnny Magdaleno
Bad Cop Blotter

The Milwaukee Police Officer Who Killed a Schizophrenic Man Got Fired and Nobody's Happy

The officer lost his job, but he probably won't be facing charges for killing someone.
Lucy Steigerwald

Are Libertarians Really to Blame for Ferguson?

The libertarian crowd has been warning about militarized police pretty much forever. But now they're getting blamed for empowering out-of-control local governments (and their cops).
Lucy Steigerwald

The Pentagon Is Giving Grenade Launchers to Campus Police

With help from the Pentagon, colleges across the United States are buying military-grade weapons, and putting campuses into perpetual lockdown.
Hannah K. Gold
The True Crime Issue

RT to Kill: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Tweets a Death Threat

On the night of March 11, a Twitter user stood at a window in downtown LA and took a photo of his rifle, the barrel aimed at what appeared to be a couple of pedestrians standing on a street corner in the distance.
Brian Merchant