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A Top-Secret US Military Base Will Melt Out of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Planners thought it would stay buried in ice forever.


The U.S. military is expanding on Guam and activists are fighting back

Kim Jong Un’s threats against Guam have given new life to the island’s long-suffering independence movement.


These Insane Photos Show How An Abandoned Air Force Base Is Polluting Greenland

Photographer Ken Bower traveled to the remote island to photograph the damage.


Activists Hail Landmark Ruling on Sexual Slavery in Guatemala’s Civil War

The case is one of the first anywhere in the world to focus on the use of sexual violence in war, and is centered on 15 indigenous women who were kept as sexual slaves by soldiers who had earlier disappeared their husbands and destroyed their community.


Russia Is Wrapping the Arctic in a Loving, Militarized Embrace

The completion of a new Arctic base is Russia's latest projection of power in the region, which is meant to convey a sense of symbolic dominion in the far north.


Belarus Rejects Putin's Military Base and Allows Protests — at Least Until Halloween

The unusual behavior of longtime president Alexander Lukashenko may be an effort to show the West that sanctions against Belarus should end at the end of the month.


Death Toll Tops 43 in Kabul After Spate of Attacks in Afghan Capital

Insurgents clashed with security forces near the Kabul airport, attacked a military base, bombed a residential area, and killed recruits at the capital’s police academy.


France Foils Plot To Attack Army Base and Behead Senior Officer

Three men, including a former marine, were planning to storm the base and film the execution on a GoPro.


Mexico Is Stonewalling Attempts to Interview Soldiers in Case of the Missing 43, Panel Says

Nine months since the Ayotzinapa disappearances, a top-notch panel says Mexico's government is preventing them from gathering testimonies from infantry troops who might have been involved in the attacks.


MUNCHIES Presents: MREs in Colombia

Daniel Hernández hangs with Colombian soldiers and tries an entire MRE (Meal Ready-to-Eat) to get a taste of what military personnel eat in the field.


UK Government Changes Its Line On Diego Garcia Flight Logs Sought in Rendition Row - Again

The Foreign Office has reverted back to its original claim that records of flights through Diego Garcia, the British territory implicated in the CIA's global abduction operation, have been destroyed by water damage.