military coup


Sudanese military will not extradite ousted president despite genocide charges

The new leaders also said they didn't intend to remain in power.


Zimbabwe's resistance leader says Mugabe is "history"

Change is coming in Zimbabwe as President Robert Mugabe's 37-year regime falls.


NBA star Enes Kanter isn't intimidated by Turkish President Erdoğan

VICE News invited Enes Kanter over for dinner to talk about his fight with Turkey’s president—and play a basketball video game.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

President-elect Trump to meet Japanese PM in New York, more than 300 US companies urge him to stay in climate pact, Clinton exhorts followers to "never, ever give up," and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

A marine has been identified as the shooter behind Baton Rouge police officer murders, Turkish authorities arrest more than 6,000 people following Friday's failed military coup, and more.


Marchers Condemn Obama's Visit on the 40th Anniversary of Argentina's Dictatorship

Argentina remembered the victims of the country’s 1976 to 1982 dictatorship on the 40th anniversary of the coup that started it all with a massive march through the capital that was peppered with banners saying "Obama Go Home."


Obama Admits the US Took Too Long to Condemn Human Rights Violations in Argentina

Obama stopped short of apologizing for Washington's early support for the military junta that took power in a coup exactly 40 years ago today.


Things We Should Have Been More Scared of in 2015

In case international terrorism and Donald Trump weren't enough.


Thailand’s Military Government Thinks John Oliver Is a Threat to Its Monarchy

A leaked official document shows that the junta is monitoring Oliver after he mocked the Thai government and crown prince on his HBO show.


I Escaped Death in an Egyptian Police Van but Witnessed an Attempted Rape

After being thrown on top of each other in a vehicle, I noticed that a young woman was also among us. As soon as we began to move the young man sitting across from her started trying to grab at her body. Randel and I, still handcuffed, protested loudly...


Notes from a Cairo Journalist Being Hounded by Spies and Thugs

Four journalists have been shot dead in Egypt this week. Dozens of others have been arrested, and I myself—a relatively young reporter—have received death threats. I am now being followed.


Egypt After Morsi - Trailer

Some are calling it a military coup, others are insisting it's a people's revolution. What's for sure is that on Wednesday, July 3rd, a year of turmoil and discontent in Egypt climaxed in the deposition of president Mohamed Morsi. But what lies ahead...