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MLB's Postseason of Chaos and Gamesmanship

Whether it's Craig Counsell pulling a pitching switch, the Astros attempting to spy on other teams, or Javy Baez hugging someone, everyone's doing whatever they can to get an edge this year.
Rachael McDaniel

And Then There Were Three Super Teams, and the Brewers

After an uncompetitive divisional round, the championship series promise to be much more entertaining.
Rachael McDaniel

Bob Uecker Drenched in Beer as Brewers Make Playoffs for First Time Since 2011

The Milwaukee Brewers sportscaster and 'Major League' star took a long beer shower with the boys after they clinched a spot in the postseason.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Josh Hader's Racist, Homophobic, and Misogynistic Tweets Surface During ASG

The Brewers reliever gave up a three-run bomb to Jean Segura in MLB's All-Star Game, and his night got sufficiently worse after that.
Sean Newell

The Brewers are Walking a Tightrope

Milwaukee has the best record in the National League and only trail the Red Sox and Yankees for the best in baseball. They're doing it with a subpar rotation and pedestrian offense. How?
Rachael McDaniel
Love notes

Prince Fielder Tells Someone they "Park Like an Asshole" and Autographs Note

Sometimes, your shitty parking gets noticed by famous baseball players.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Keon Broxton Robs Cards of HR, Ends Game with Amazing Catch at Wall

Broxton stole a two-run homer, and the lead, away from the Cardinals with a leaping catch at the wall to end the game.
Liam Daniel Pierce

The Brewers Are Rebuilding and Reloading at the Same Time

They aren't in first place in their division anymore, but the Brewers have managed to compete now and build for the long run.
Christopher Crawford

Yakkin' About Baseball: A Team Made Entirely Out Of Beards

A frank discussion of June Superstars, unsustainable teams, unacceptable grooming choices, and other baseball stuff.
David Roth and David Raposa

Are the Brewers the Most Interesting Team in the NL Central?

We run through the NL Central, from the dominant Cubs to the ascendant (in 2018ish) Brewers to the very dismal Cincinnati Reds.
Rian Watt
matt garza birth control takes

Brewers Pitcher Has Thoughts on Birth Control No One Asked For

Matt Garza would like everyone, including 39-year-old award-winning actress Jessica Chastain, to please stop having sex unless it's for baby-making.
Caitlin Kelly
Anthony Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo Jumps on Ledge to Make Catch Even He Can't Believe

Anthony Rizzo pulled off another absurd catch along and on top of the wall at Wrigley.
Sean Newell