Milwaukee Bucks


Brook Lopez Signs Fan's Microwave

Milwaukee Bucks center Brook Lopez received an unusual request for an autograph: on a microwave. Lopez obliged.


The Milwaukee Bucks Have a Top Defense. They Need to Change It.

Mike Budenholzer has gone old school with fantastic results, but his strategy may be a disaster come playoff time.


The Outlet Pass: Trae Young is Master of the Impossible Pass

Also: The Pelicans really miss Buddy Hield, the Hornets finally have a future, Dante Exum's joyful path to figuring it out, Josh Jackson's demise, the Bucks unsustainable defense, Jaren Jackson Jr.'s post-ups, and more!


Giannis Antetokounmpo Finally Has the Space He Deserves

The superstar made a huge leap last season, but now, with more logical pieces around him, what happens in 2019 should be even more terrifying.


Sterling Brown Lawsuit Reveals Racist Facebook Memes from Cops

The Milwaukee Bucks rookie has filed a civil rights suit against the City of Milwaukee, alleging police violated the equal protection clause, used excessive force, and unlawfully arrested him.


NBA player Sterling Brown was standing calmly when four cops tackled him, video shows

Footage of the Milwaukee Police Department’s January arrest of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown also shows one of the officers officer pushed Brown back just seconds after meeting him.


Eric Bledsoe is Ready to Disrupt the NBA Playoffs

The Milwaukee Bucks point guard has spent most of his season in Giannis Antetokounmpo's shadow, but few players have improved as dramatically as he has since the All-Star break. Terrible news for the Eastern Conference.


Jason Kidd’s Firing Will Reverberate Through The NBA For Years

The semi-shocking decision by Milwaukee to let their head coach go has opened up a brand new batch of meaningful questions, beginning with who the Bucks hire next.


Dunk of the Week: We Are All Tony Snell

Tony Snell did not complete our dunk of the week. He didn't even manage the honorable humiliation of getting dunked on.


The Case for Jason Kidd as Milwaukee's Long-Term Coach

The Bucks have been inconsistent in Kidd's fourth year as head coach, but despite some polarizing decisions and the implementation of a controversial defensive scheme, he deserves a longer rope.


Eric Bledsoe Trade Poses Some Interesting Questions for the Milwaukee Bucks

If Bledsoe returns to form as an elite defender, Milwaukee may have lined itself up to unseat the Cleveland Cavaliers as early as this season.


Grant Hill Knows How to Stop Giannis Antetokounmpo

The seven-time All-Star is viewed by some as the first of his kind, a dynamic, do-it-all wing who was way ahead of his time. Here are his thoughts about the NBA's breakout megastar.