Gemstone Miners Dug Up a 70-Million-Year-Old 'Sea Rex' Fossil

A company looking for precious ammonites found the fossils of a huge mosasaur instead.


The Coal Industry Isn’t Even Certain That Donald Trump Can Save It

President Trump's newest executive order won't bring coal back for good.


Ethereum Is Under Attack

The cryptocurrency is going through some growing pains.


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Bernie Sanders officially announced his new progressive organization, a truck bomb hit a police building in Turkey, some plants in Baltimore are addicted to meth, and more.


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VICE News Capsule - Monday, July 27

Rescuers work to free trapped miners in China, Obama's controversial remarks in Kenya, Colombia's surprise decision on the FARC rebels, and why so many local French people are angry at the Saudi king.


WikiLeaks Is Now a Target In the Massive Spam Attack on Bitcoin

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Fake, Drug-Test-Foiling Dicks Are a Growing Business in Queensland

You need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug-free urine sample. Unless you have a fake dick and pee, then you can do whatever you want.


Mexican Workers at Canadian Mines Are Under Constant Threat of Cartel Kidnappings, Killings

A Canadian CEO said his mining company has a "good relationship" with drug lords in Sinaloa, while at least six people in recent weeks have been killed in mining-related incidents in Guerrero.


At Least 30 Feared Dead, Dozens Trapped After Gas Blast at Donetsk Mine

President Petro Poroshenko has requested access to the rebel-held site in the heart of east Ukraine's conflict zone, amid fears the separatists may not have sufficient resources to cope with rescue efforts.


Life as a Stripper in a Subarctic Indoor Mining Town

Thanks to the surplus of men and dearth of entertainment options, strippers in the indoor mining town of Fermont, Quebec, can earn roughly $5,000 in a week.