Kentucky's Governor Wants to Stop Crime with the Power of Prayer

"We don't need a sermon or him quoting scripture," one minister said. "We know the Bible and we're already praying."


Ex-Clergy Explain How They Realized There Is No God

"I certainly do not hate the church... I do, however, think that they are wasting a lot of time, effort, and money on nonsense."


Trudeau's Government Believes In Climate Change, Wants to Do Something About It

The Canadian government said a lot of nice things today, but will it actually do anything?


The Australian Cabinet’s New Groove

The Prime Minister has redesigned the federal cabinet, bringing in more women, science, and Australia's first female Minister of Defence.


How to Actually Stop a Wedding

A rebuttal to the WikiHow article, "How to Stop a Wedding" from an expert.


A Conversation With the Porn Rangers

I put my headphones on and began to watch a hirsute man, probably early 40s, receive oral sex from a thin-lipped woman of commensurate age. The byline in block letters read, “BJ From the Wife.”