Remembering How Bolton's Fabrice Muamba Came Back From The Dead

Five years ago today, Muamba's heart stopped beating on the pitch at White Heart Lane. 78 minutes later, he woke up. This is the inside story of how doctors brought him back from the dead.


Let's Take Tim Tebow At His Word

On Monday, Tim Tebow reported for his first day as a professional baseball player at the Mets' spring training facility. This both is and is not news, as always.


Why the World’s Largest Church Still Worships Its Embezzling Former Leader

Inside Yoido Full Gospel, the Korean Pentecostal mega-church that promises wealth, healing, and shamanistic miracles.


British Fighter in Syria Describes Angels and a Battlefield 'Miracle'

A man claiming to be Abu Abdullah al Britani describes "miraculous" divine intervention in an attack against government forces.


Ho Ho Ho! I'm Santa All Year Round!

Thomas Tolbert was told to change his clothes at Disney World because he was dressed "Santa-ish." What none of the news reports seemed to address was why exactly there was a man dressed as Santa at Disney World in the summer. So I called up Thomas to...