The Cruel Genius of Georgia's Abortion Ban

The six-week ban hides a personhood law within it—which means people could be prosecuted and sentenced to prison for miscarriages and even legal abortions obtained in another state.
Susan Rinkunas

Women With These Uterus Problems Often Don't Find Out Until They Get Pregnant

It can take miscarriages or preterm labor for people to learn there's even an issue with the organ.
Deana Morton
Fighting Words

The Agony of Seeing Miscarriage Stories Shared Online

I want people to be able to talk about their loss, but seeing these posts opens up a wound for me.
Kristi Pahr

Michelle Obama Wants You to Talk About Your Miscarriage

Former first lady Michelle Obama got candid about her miscarriage and using IVF to conceive her two daughters, Sasha and Malia.
Terry Nguyen
Essays on Religious Exemptions

I Went to a Catholic Hospital During My Miscarriage—And It Nearly Killed Me

At the time, I was staunchly anti-choice, and did not go to the hospital looking for an abortion. But when I found out the pregnancy was ending, I just wanted to get the care I needed.
Laurie Bertram Roberts
reproductive health

In These States, Pharmacists Can Refuse to Fill Your Prescription for Religious Beliefs

Last week, an Arizona woman tried to fill a prescription to induce a miscarriage — but said she was turned away by her local Walgreens.
Marie Solis
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Parents Should Talk to Their Kids About Miscarriage

If children learn that sex makes babies, shouldn’t they also learn that some pregnancies don’t get that far?
Jessica Zucker

Giving Birth in Jail Can Traumatize Women for Decades

Restraining women while they're giving birth is "demeaning and unnecessary." Some institutions still don't care.
Laura Dorwart
reproductive rights

Court to Decide If Woman Imprisoned After Stillbirth Will Go Free

On Wednesday, a court will hear the case of Teodora Vásquez, who has spent the last 10 years in a Salvadorian prison after being convicted of self-inducing an abortion, will have to finish out the remainder of her 30-year sentence.
Kimberly Lawson

Mourning the Loss of One Baby When You're Pregnant With Its Twin

The image flashed on the screen: three babies, two heartbeats.
Jody Allard

Common Drugs That Treat UTIs Linked to Increased Risk for Miscarriages

A new study found that use of certain antibiotics, including those commonly used to treat vaginal or urinary tract infections, during early pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of spontaneous abortion.
Kimberly Lawson

Giving Birth in Air Strikes: The Life-Threatening Horrors of Pregnancy in Yemen

The civil war and subsequent famine in Yemen has gone largely unnoticed by the international community. In a country that is being slowly starved and bombed to death, pregnant women and children are among those suffering worst.
Sirin Kale