Mishka's Founder Is Righting His Streetwear-Wrongs with a New Label

Thirteen years after creating the cult brand known for its skater-punk weirdo vibes, Mikhail Bortnik has started a clothing line called Psychic Hearts, and it couldn't be more different.
Catherine Pears

New York Comic Con 2016 Was Full of Harley Quinns, Dogs, and Signs of the Apocalypse

Everywhere VICE art editor Nick Gazin turned, there was another one.
Nick Gazin
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VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin Is Throwing a Party to Celebrate the Opening of His New Show

Come to the opening reception of 'Hello Badmind' from 6 PM until 10 PM at World Money Gallery in Brooklyn.
VICE Staff

WATCH: Mishka's Spring 2016 Lookbook Video '#MishkaBreakIn'

You can always count on the Brooklyn streetwear brand to deliver a lookbook that makes you feel like you're having an acid flashback.
Erica Euse

Check Out the Sesame Street X Mishka Lookbook

Mishka has teamed up with Sesame Street for a 15-piece collection that reinterprets the show's classic characters. Check out their new lookbook, which was shot by photographer Koki Sato. It features the New York City dance crew We Live This...
Erica Euse

Awash in a Sea of Humanity at the 2015 New York Comic Con

VICE art editor Nick Gazin reports on all the superheroes, anime cosplayers, and Christian proselytisers at the 2015 NYCC.
Nick Gazin

Nick Gazin's Comic Book Love-In #103

In this week's column, VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin hawks his wares at New York Comic Con, talks up an obscure psychedelic French comic, and asks, "Hey! What about me?"
Nick Gazin
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VICE's Art Editor, Nick Gazin, Is Putting On an Art Show in LA on Friday

Stop by the Mishka LA store Friday night and spend some time with our favorite artist.
River Donaghey

Pretty Puke Made a Gloriously Grotesque Lookbook for Mishka's Summer 2015 Collection

The new lookbook is truly a piece of badass art. If these powerful visuals don't make you want to sport a Keep Watch T-shirt while you fuck a piñata, I don't know what would.
Erica Euse
VICE Premiere

Mishka's Spring 2015 "Generation Vex" Collection Video and NSFW Polaroids

This season, Mishka reinterprets their classic Keep Watch Eyeball, Autopsy Alien, and Death Adders Bear logos with colorful Kawaii inspired graphics, tie-dye printed tees, and cut-and-sew pieces.
Erica Euse
The Blobby Boys & Friends

The Blobby Boys Suck Now

Alex Schubert is missing. Until he comes out of hiding or his body is found, his comic will be drawn by other friends and well-wishers. This week it's by VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin.
Nick Gazin

I Went to Art Basel, and All I Got Were These Lousy Photos

For one magical week every December, the stupidest and shittiest rich people imaginable descend on Florida to get good deals on wildly expensive art pieces. They call this ​Art Basel Miami Beach.
Nick Gazin