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We did donuts with Libya's young street racers

Doing burn outs in souped up cars with Libya’s young car racers
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Libyan Fighters Are Driving the Islamic State Out of the Only Major City It Controls in the Country

If the advances are sustained, they could dislodge Islamic State from its most important base outside the Middle East and provide a boost to the UN-backed Government of National Accord.
Reuters News Agency

At Least 47 Killed in Truck Bomb Attack on Libyan Police Training Center

The reported bombing, which witnesses say caused dozens of casualties, follows three days of Islamic State attacks this week on Libya's biggest oil terminals.
Reuters and VICE News
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UN Libya Envoy Lands Cushy Job With UAE Government That Pays $50,000 Per Month

Spanish diplomat Bernardino Leon was communicating by email with UAE officials about the position while he was overseeing negotiations between the two principal sides in Libya's conflict, one of whom is backed by the UAE.
Samuel Oakford
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Islamic State Tightens Grip on Qaddafi’s Hometown After Failed Uprising

Reports of beheadings and bodies strung up on poles have emerged following an attempted rebellion against Islamic State militants in the Libyan city of Sirte.
Rebecca Murray

Inside the Makeshift Weapons Workshop That Keeps Libya's Militias Armed

VICE News visits a Misrata workshop that makes arms for Libya Dawn militias, where volunteers use ingenuity and resourcefulness to turn decades-old munitions and vehicles into battle-ready weapons.
John Beck
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Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Suicide Bombing in Libya

At least six people — including several women and children — were killed Sunday in a bombing at a security checkpoint near the Libyan city of Misrata.
Gillian Mohney
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VICE Exclusive: Listen to the Dark Folk Music Stylings of Adam Torres

"The Butlers and the Maids" is an American bar song in the tradition of Tom Waits or a bizarro Leonard Cohen.
Charlie Ambler
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Proxy War Feared in Libya as UN Envoy Warns Against Foreign Intervention

Libya is slipping into chaos as US officials accused the UAE and Egypt of secret air strikes on Tripoli airport.
Hannah Strange
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Militiamen Burn Tripoli Airport After Seizing It from Government-Allied Forces

After nearly four weeks of fighting, Misrata militia take control of Libya's main airport.
Liz Fields

Mysterious Airstrikes Targeting Islamist Militia Kill 15 in Tripoli

Unidentified planes targeted several militia positions in Libyan capital including the Interior Ministry.
Liz Fields
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Libyan Fuel Depot Burns as Battle for Tripoli Airport Rages

On Sunday, a column of jet-black smoke could be seen rising from Tripoli’s main fuel depot, located close to the airport.
Liz Fields