missing people


Inside Britain's Escalating Missing Persons Problem

With austerity widening society's cracks, the number of people reported missing in London alone has increased 77 percent since 2010.


The Mystery Behind the Strange Disappearance of a 14-Year-Old English Boy

Eleven years ago, Andrew Gosden left home never to be seen again. Here, his father tells us about the family's efforts to track him down.


The Hackers Hunting Down Missing People

Nonprofit TraceLabs ran DEF CON’s first crowdsourced event for tracking missing people through public information.


The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico

The bodies of missing people are rapidly turning up in Mexico


A Jar of Sweat Helped Police Find a Missing Woman in Five Minutes

Is a jar of sweat that much better than an article of clothing?


What Happens to a Family After a Relative Goes Missing?

Hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing every year, but most of us know very little about what happens next.


UN Tells Canada to Solve the 1,200 Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Cases

Almost 1,200 aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered since 1952, which is twice as many than had previously estimated.


Thousands of Mothers in Mexico March for Their Missing Loved Ones

About 27,000 people have disappeared throughout Mexico between 2007 and 2013, according to officials.