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The Missing Teen Whose Cold Case Was Revived With the Probe of a 'Warlock' Pedophile Ring

In 1988, Lee Boxell disappeared without a trace, and the case gradually went cold—until 2011, when an investigation into child abuse at a youth club gave the family some hope of closure.


Cops Uncover Disturbing Story Behind Woman's Bizarre Doorbell Video

The mysterious video captured the woman in what appears to be wrist restraints ringing doorbells in her neighborhood in the middle of the night.


Search Continues for Missing Frightened Rabbit Frontman Scott Hutchison

Police are asking for anyone with information on the 36-year-old singer's whereabouts to come forward. His brother, Grant, thanked fans for their support this morning.


Skier Lost in New York Has No Idea How He Ended Up in California

The man was reportedly still dressed in his ski clothes and had no idea what day it was. He also had a new phone and a fresh haircut.


How America’s National Parks Became Hotbeds of Paranormal Activity

Bigfoot and aliens have come to overshadow the government’s aging database of missing persons cold cases.


How to Disappear Completely: The Unsolved Missing Persons Case of Damien Nettles

A new BBC Three documentary searches for answers in the ongoing case of a teenage boy who went on a night out in 1996 and never came home.


Meet the People Who Identify the Bodies of Border Crossers Tonight on VICELAND

On an all new episode of 'VICE Does America,' we visit a forensics lab where anthropologists work to identify the bodies of those who have died trying to come to the United States.


What Happens to a Family After a Relative Goes Missing?

Hundreds of thousands of people are reported missing every year, but most of us know very little about what happens next.


Thirty Years Later, Man Finally Remembers Who He Is

Edgar Latulip disappeared 30 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario. His mother thought he was dead. But he had been living nearby all along, under a different name, until the memory flashbacks began.


Inside One Family’s Bureaucratic Struggle to Find Out if Their Missing Daughter Is Still Alive

Canadian regulations around government records for Status Indians makes it impossible for even investigators to access basic clues to her whereabouts.


The Man Who Wasn’t There

In 2010 one of Australia's most notorious crime bosses, Carl Williams, was murdered at Victoria's Barwon Prison. A little over a year later the prison's general manager, David Prideaux, disappeared on a hunting trip. His body has never been found.


[UPDATE] The 20-Year-Old Woman Who Went Missing at a Movement Party Has Been Found

Grace Martinez was last seen speaking with a 40-year-old man at Movement's official closing party.