Missing Teens


How Cops Are Using Social Media to Find Missing Teens

Twitter posts by DC police about missing black and Hispanic teens raised the specter of human trafficking. Cops say it's just how we find missing people now.


Finding No Answers In the Hebron Hills

VICE News speaks to the father of a suspect in the murder of the Israeli teens that sparked the latest war in Gaza.


SodaStream Fired Palestinian Workers Over a Ramadan Meal Dispute

As tensions escalated in the West Bank, the Israeli company fired a large group of Palestinian workers that complained about a Ramadan meal.


Israeli Politicians Call to Crush Hamas as Missing Teens' Bodies Found

The bodies of three Israeli boys kidnapped earlier in June in the West Bank have been found, leading some to suggest all-out war on Hamas.


In Photos: 'Day of Rage' in Israel’s Largest Palestinian City

The “rage” was directed at Israel’s ongoing crackdown throughout the West Bank, sparked by the disappearance of three Israeli teens.


Deadly Clashes Erupt Between Israeli Troops and Palestinians in Missing Teens Search

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting today that the deaths occurred as a result of self-defense actions.


Netanyahu Seizes Political Opportunity in Manhunt For Missing Israeli Teens

Israeli forces are cracking down hard on Hamas in the Palestinian territories, as they search for three teenagers missing since last week.


Palestinians Are Paying the Price in the Search for Missing Settler Teens

A Palestinian was killed, and more than were 150 arrested, in the sweeping manhunt for three Israeli teens allegedly kidnapped near Hebron.


Netanyahu Blames Hamas in the Kidnapping of Three Israeli Teens

The Israeli military arrested 80 Palestinians, among them more than 60 of members of Hamas, in the West Bank today.