Maple Leaf Cookies

I Ate a Canadian Tasting Menu for Astronauts and It Was More Swanson Than ‘Jetsons’

The menu for astronaut David Saint-Jacques's mission into space included maple leaf cookies and a whole lot of fish.
Nick Rose

Carne Asada Tacos

Find the nearest guitar to play while you wait for the most tender carne asada to cook through.
Taqueria La Cumbre

NASA Record-Breaking Sun-Surfing Mission, Explained in Gifs

The Parker Solar Probe will travel faster than any human-made object, and will travel closer to the Sun than ever before.
Becky Ferreira

NASA's Closer to Saturn Than Ever—Here Are Pics to Prove It

Check out the first images from the Cassini Spacecraft’s dive between Saturn’s rings.
Nathaniel Ainley

The Secret to Conquering Space Without it Killing Us First May Lie in Our Bones

A new Canadian study on the effects of microgravity is heading to the International Space Station this week.
Jordan Pearson
Make this

Here's How to Make Everything You Need for the Perfect BBQ

To celebrate the 100th episode of our series How-To, enjoy five of our best recipes for a scorching MUNCHIES-style cookout.
Munchies Staff
bay area

Huang's World: Bay Area, Part 2

Eddie gets a fresh cut and hangs with local rap group The Jealous Guys, before heading off to Julez's favorite Filipino joint. Also in this episode, Eddie dives into the art of the Mission burrito.
Eddie Huang
Motherboard Blog

The ESA's Proba-3 Satellites Will Fly in Tandem to Block Out the Sun

Spain heads a mission where a pair of satellites move in tandem like expert tango dancers.
Ben Richmond

Mars One Plans on Colonizing the Red Planet with a Reality Show

I like going to new places as much as possible. Recently I felt burnt out from the whole world-traveller thing. I'm sure I'll resume at some point, I just have to figure out an awesome and new destination, looks like I might have found my answer, or so...
Daniel Stuckey