Mississippi River


Louisiana’s Plan to Punch a Hole in the Mississippi River

To save coastline, the state is attempting the “most important environmental construction project in US history.”


Raw Sewage Is Spilling Into the Mississippi River Due to Historic Flooding

Record levels of flooding along the Meramec River, which flows into the Mississippi 20 miles south of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, has knocked out a water treatment plant.


As Severe Storms Continue to Sweep Across the US, the Death Toll Rises to 43

The governors of New Mexico and Missouri have declared states of emergency due to heavy precipitation, while the governor of Texas has declared a state of disaster in four counties, following deadly tornadoes.


Louisiana Environmentalists and Fishermen Commemorate the BP Spill Anniversary

Louisiana bore the brunt of the spill and many residents say their livelihoods continue to suffer five years after a blowout that killed 11 workers and spilled oil into the Gulf of Mexico for three months.


Five Years After BP Disaster, Gulf of Mexico's Fishing Industry Continues to Struggle

Scientists say the long-term effects of the spill remain unknown — but oyster and crab catches are down, driving some long-time fisherman out of business.


​The Plan to Turn Toxic Algal Blooms into Energy

How researchers want to turn one of our worst environmental problems into fuel for the future.


An Invasive Species of Fish Is Taking Over America's Waterways

Asian carp—a slimy, ugly, and often gargantuan species of invasive fish—have taken over many US lakes and rivers.


Clouds of Mayflies Are Terrorizing Wisconsin

But as long as you don't mind slime-covered roads, that's actually a good thing.


A Comedian Traveled the Mississippi River on a Jet Ski

Kurt Braunohler is the closest thing we have to a real life Willy Wonka, a whimsical eccentric who uses his resources to better the day of the average citizen in the most ridiculous way possible. In this case, he jet skied down the Mississippi for...


The Mississippi River Was a Toxic Mess Long Before the Oil Spill

Everyone is outraged about a barge spilling oil into the Mississippi—perhaps everyone forgot that it is a massive toxic cesspool every other day of the year, too.