Mitchell Sunderland


Michael Bay Is the Auteur America Deserves

We spoke to the massively popular if critically maligned director about his new film '13 Hours,' how he developed his signature style, and the misconceptions about his work.


Shooting Guns with Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter, a gay guy, and a black stand-up comedian walk into a gun range. Watch what happens next.


Bunny Ranch Pimp Dennis Hof Wants to Run for Senate to End Sex Trafficking

The proprietor of Nevada's most famous brothel is running for office to promote his solution to sex trafficking: legalizing prostitution.


RIP Christian Audigier, the Trash Fashion Icon Who Changed My Life

For a short time in the 2000s, he transformed white trash culture and new money aesthetics into a coveted and desired fashion empire with Von Dutch and Ed Hardy.


BO, Malt Liquor, and Faygo: A Juggalo Motel Party

This is what happens when over 30 juggalos congregate in a motel room to smoke pot, shave eyebrows, and chug Faygo.


VICE Exclusive: Watch Insane Clown Posse's New Music Video, 'Explosions'

If you believe in Faygo, hope, and alternative families you're going to love the first music video from ICP's new album, The Marvelous Missing Link: Found.


VICE Pays Tribute to Our Badass Moms

"She never complained, never asked for anything in return, and remained positive so that I might turn into a happy, well-adjusted human. That's not a moment of badassness. It's an ultra-marathon of sacrifice."


The Stone Dicks of Fire Island's Belvedere Hotel

Sexy and sad statues and portraits of young men cover the halls of Fire Island's most notorious, clothing-optional luxury hotel.


Can Young Gays Enjoy Fire Island?

These days, Fire Island's decaying gay bars mostly attract middle-age men. We went to America's most notorious gay travel spot to see if young gays can enjoy the fun.


New York’s Satanic Vector Gallery Is Closing

Satanic artist JJ Brine has decided to shut down his art gallery, one of the last few interesting spaces in the Lower East Side's sea of Chipotles and ATM machines.


Deconstructing the Self-Loathing and Desire Surrounding the Word 'Twink'

Young, thin gay men talk about being fetishized and derided by the larger homosexual community.


I Spent a Snowbound Evening in New York Talking to Guys on Grindr

If you're a gay, you know a way to find anonymous sex—even during a historic snowstorm.