MLB All-Star Game


Josh Hader's Racist, Homophobic, and Misogynistic Tweets Surface During ASG

The Brewers reliever gave up a three-run bomb to Jean Segura in MLB's All-Star Game, and his night got sufficiently worse after that.


Bryce Harper Won the Home Run Derby, You Absolute Maniacs

Some people (Chicago Cubs fans) think Bryce Harper and his dad cheated during the Home Run Derby. Other people (stable adults) don't care.


Aaron Judge Broke NASA Physics Calculations With Home Run Derby Roof Smash

Aaron Judge just casually destroyed the laws of physics twice in one night, hitting baseballs to a height deemed by leading engineers as not humanly possible.


Another Canadian Butchered 'O Canada' at MLB's All-Star Game

The singing of the Canadian national anthem was a disaster for the second year in a row.


The Art and Science of Throwing Batting Practice

Throwing 400 to 500 balls in just the right spot, and just the right speed is all in a day's work for B.P. pitchers like the New York Yankees' Danilo Valiente


Didi Gregorius Is Bribing NYers with Subway Fares for All-Star Votes

The Yankees shortstop is one of five American League candidates for the Final Vote to get in the All-Star Game and he's hustling.


Logan Morrison is Salty Gary Sanchez is in the Home Run Derby and He's Not

Morrison has 24 home runs on the season to Sanchez's 13.


MLB and MLBPA Extend Collective Bargaining Agreement Through 2021

One of the most important changes: the All-Star Game will no longer determine home field advantage for the World Series.


MLB All-Star Game's Lone Wolf Tenor: "Black Lives Do Matter." Gee, Thanks.

The Canadian Tenor who hijacked O Canada during the All-Star Game has clarified his position.


National Anthem Singers Add ‘All Lives Matter’ to ‘O Canada’ at MLB All-Star Game

It's like your racist uncle Dave singing at a baseball game.


An Illustrated Guide To The 2016 Home Run Derby

Relive the majesty, power, Giancarlo-ness, and bellowing Chris Berman puns of the Home Run Derby through the magic of primitive crayon illustrations.


Fixing What Isn't Broken in the MLB All-Star Game

Once again, the voters got it mostly right in picking players for this year's All-Star Game, which will once again be kind of boring and kind of fun. Here are some fixes anyway.