mlb trade deadline


Adam Jones Deserves Everything

The Baltimore Orioles centerfielder refused a trade at the deadline. He's earned that right and he's not going to apologize for it.
Rachael McDaniel

Blue Jays Mailbag: Toronto Doesn't Need Major Overhaul to Contend in 2018

Andrew Stoeten tackles questions about the current state and future of the Blue Jays (which may not be as bad as many think) post-MLB trade deadline.
Andrew Stoeten

Blue Jays Mailbag: Who to Keep, Who to Sell, and Why There's Hope for 2018

Andrew Stoeten explores what the slumping Blue Jays should and shouldn't do as MLB's trade deadline approaches.
Andrew Stoeten
the internet

Leaks, Agendas, And Old-Fashioned Gossip: Inside Baseball's Internet Trade Rumor Economy has become the unofficial official clearinghouse for news about trades that should, will, or could happen. It's not as simple as it sounds.
Rick Paulas

Looking for a Hit, the Cleveland Indians Have Doubled Down on Pitching

The Cleveland Indians have as good a shot at a World Series berth as any team in the AL. If things had worked out better at the deadline, it'd be even better.
Jonathan Bernhardt

For The First Time In Generations, Youth Is Being Served In The Bronx

Under the Steinbrenners, the Yankees have made a policy of burying young players and buying expensive older ones. At the trading deadline, that all changed.
Steven Goldman

Watching Kris Bryant And Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Bedrock

The Chicago Cubs have done everything to build a seamless, thoroughly contemporary World Series contender. But they still rely on a pair of old-school mashers.
Robert O'Connell

An Extremely Scientific Look at the Winners and Losers of the 2016 MLB Trade Deadline

Grading the winners and losers of the MLB trade deadline.
Dave Brown
jay bruce

Bruuuuuuce!: Mets on Verge of Rocking First Big Deal on Deadline Day

The Mets are trying to bring Bruce to the Big Apple.
Dave Brown
this particular week in baseball

Expensive Relievers, Unavailable Catchers, And More: This Particular Week In Baseball

The trade market for relief pitchers continues to defy reason, the universe continues to defy the Cleveland Indians, and teams get ready to change everything.
Matthew Kory

James Shields' Lost Season Is Business as Usual for the White Sox

James Shields was only with the White Sox a little while, but he lasted long enough to compound and define another year in limbo. Now he may be on the move again.
Steven Goldman

The Yankees Are Playing Great. They Should Still Sell.

The Yankees have been very good in July, despite not really being very good. We'll see soon enough if they realize this, or if they're believing in magic.
Steven Goldman