Canadian Cops Will Scan Social Media to Predict Who Could Go Missing

Critics say that predictive models will lead to false positives and could disproportionately affect vulnerable communities.


Native Women Honor Those Lost to Violence Through Art

Indigenous women are murdered, kidnapped, and trafficked at alarmingly high rates. In a new exhibit, 18 Native artists address the crisis and celebrate resilience.


The Life and Death of a Career Snitch and Scammer

Sean Kirkham's sociopathic scams involved New York celebrities, coke dealing stings, a gay porn star working at the UN, a one-eyed club impresario, the FBI, murder, and, eventually, suicide.


The RCMP Used Police Databases and Social Media to Track Aboriginal Protestors

The RCMP then made their identities known to front-line officers.


We spoke to families of Canada's missing and murdered Indigenous women

They doubt new funding will tell them anything more about their sisters’ cases.


Critics say Canada's inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women will be toothless

A national inquiry into the reasons why more than a thousand Indigenous women have disappeared or been killed hasn't yet begun, but it's already causing fraustration.


We Investigate Canada's Epidemic of Missing Indigenous Women Tonight on VICELAND

VICE explores what's behind the disturbing rise of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada and what's being done to stop it on tonight's episode of 'WOMAN' on VICELAND.


How Violence Continues to Plague the Family of One Murdered Ontario Aboriginal Woman

Charity Keesic was beaten to death by the 16-year-old son of a family friend. Now her mother is trying to break the cycle of male violence within her community.


Inside Grande Prairie: Horror and Hope in Canada’s Violent Crime Capital

Grande Prairie, Alberta is one of the most dangerous places to live in Canada, especially for Indigenous women. This is how the community is responding to one woman's murder.


How the Left Won Canada's Culture Wars in 2015

This was the year the conservatives were supposed to win over the hearts and souls of Canada. But shit doesn't always go as planned.


Tina Fontaine's Body Was Tossed in a River and Now Police Have Made an Arrest

The death of 15-year-old Fontaine reignited anger and despair at the thousands of missing and murdered women in Canada, and prompted fresh calls for a federal inquiry into the matter.


Canada Launches Inquiry Into Murdered Aboriginal Women and Opens the Door to Repealing 'Racist' Indian Act

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised “nothing less than a total renewal of the relationship between Canada and First Nations Peoples" on Tuesday, as he launched a national inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women.