A Canadian Weed Company Just Became the First to Legally Export Medical Cannabis to Europe

Big Weed in Canada is taking another step towards global domination as one of the country's largest medical marijuana producers just shipped some of its products to Croatia.


Canadians Will Be Able to Grow Their Own Medical Pot Again

Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, b’ys.


Canadians Can Grow Their Own Medical Marijuana, Court Says in Bombshell Ruling

Federal Judge Michael Phelan has ruled in favor of four British Columbia residents, declaring the country’s medical marijuana regime unconstitutional.


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Newly-elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has repeatedly promised to "legalize, regulate, and restrict" access to marijuana for recreational use in Canada, making it the first G7 nation to do so.


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We chat with a bunch of people who are unable to get reliable and affordable access to cannabis medications in Canada. Then we take some of them to Mega Ill, Canada's first medical-marijuana-infused pizza parlor.


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In this episode, Damian visits two gigantic, legal weed factories. He also chats with pot activists to get their take on Canada's new medical marijuana system. Plus, he visits a private grower who is licensed to grow legally, but is being squeezed out...