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A Mob in India Hacked a Family to Death Over Accusations of Witchcraft

Acts of violence against those suspected of witchcraft are not uncommon in India, particularly in remote rural areas where tribal traditions and a lack of development help foster superstition.


Crime-Weary Argentina Sees More Mob Violence and Vigilante Killings

At least three more lynching attempts last weekend highlight a growing string of sometimes fatal acts of vigilante violence. Is Argentina's government doing enough to address the root causes?


Family of Afghan Woman Murdered by Mob Says She Was 'Devoted to Islam' and Did Not Burn the Quran

We spoke to the father and brother of the 28-year-old woman whose horrific killing Thursday near a shrine in Kabul was captured in graphic video footage.


How Many Muslim Civilians Were Killed This Week In Myanmar?

It's unclear how many died in the gruesome violence — but government security forces may well have aided Buddhist mobs in the killing.