Mobb Deep


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On a special episode of the VICELAND show, Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh sat down with the Mobb Deep rapper to discuss his health.


Prodigy Spoke to ‘The Therapist’ About Spirituality in One of His Last Interviews

The late rapper's session airs on Monday, July 10 at 10:30p.m. on VICELAND.


This Is What Prodigy Had to Say About ‘The Infamous’ 20 Years After Its Release

"I was forced to deal with the pain and hanging in the streets and wilding out[...] We'd been through so much. At 19, I felt like I was 40."


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Rest in Peace Prodigy, Rap's Most Uncompromising Voice

P was artful. He was a naturalist, but the style is inimitable. And no one folded their bandana like him.


Lil Wayne Loved Prodigy and Mobb Deep Just Like You

"When they came out with that street shit I felt that. I like how Prodigy just say what the fuck he want."


Legendary Rapper and Mobb Deep Member Prodigy Has Passed Away

The Queens native was 42.


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