Mobile Gaming


This 70-Year-Old Is Part Man, Part 'Pokémon Go' Playing Machine

Chen San-yuan is a grandfather who straps nearly a dozen phones to his bike (and his waist) to play the popular mobile game.
Matthew Gault
open thread

The iPhone Changed Video Gaming Forever

As Apple’s runaway success of a mobile phone (and more) marks its 10th anniversary, let’s talk about its impact on how and what we play.
Mike Diver
Sega Forever

Sega Forever’s Shoddy Ports Leave Sega on the Defensive About Emulation

Sega claimed they had no choice to use Unity, but there's controversy around that position.
Connor Trinske

After 3.33 Years, Someone Finally Beat 'Threes'

Beating 'Threes' turns out to be a thing you can do.
Jordan Mallory
Waypoint Forums

Take a Sunday Stroll Through Our Forums

Today’s forum picks are coming straight to you, courtesy of our wonderful moderators!
Danika Harrod
Pokemon Go

Success and Server Distress: Discussing ‘Pokémon Go’ with Niantic’s John Hanke

The hit app of 2016 is far from finished, with new features in the pipeline. But its maker's CEO is all about going live.
Willie Clark

Dots Games Updated to Encourage ACLU Donations in Wake of Trump's Immigration Ban

Developer Playdots, Inc. hopes this initiative will encourage other companies with similarly large audiences to use their platforms for civil rights awareness.
Jordan Mallory
Mobile Gaming

'Hidden my game by mom! 2' is a Real Game You Should Play ASAP

It might look like something pulled from the dregs of the mobile world, but it's funny, smart, and well worth your time.
Patrick Klepek

Touch Esports Bring Competitive Gaming To Mobile Phones

The future of esports may be in your hand instead of behind a PC
Matt Porter
Super Mario

Shigeru Miyamoto on Designing Mario for Mobile in ‘Super Mario Run’

Legendary Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto talks about taking Mario to the most accessible screens in the world.
Danielle Riendeau

We Played Nintendo's First Real Mobile Game, 'Super Mario Run'

We got our hands on 'Super Mario Run' and chatted with Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime about the company’s new mobile strategy.
Danielle Riendeau
Nintendo Switch

Here's What You Need to Know About the New Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's much-speculated-about next console has had its official reveal—so we can all stop making shit up now.
Mike Diver