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Cops Can Find the Location of Any Phone in the Country in Seconds, and a Senator Wants to Know Why

Here are the letters Senator Ron Wyden sent to mobile carriers and the FCC demanding answers and action on the recently highlighted law enforcement service to easily track phones across the country.
Joseph Cox
street art

The Internet Thought Somebody Caught Banksy in Camo Pants and a Fedora

The internet was wrong.
Nathaniel Ainley

[Premiere] Chromatic CGI Artwork Interrogates Empathy in the Digital Age

In Issue #16 of FELT Zine, Nicole Ruggiero explores the Internet's effect on our emotions.
Nathaniel Ainley
The VICE Guide to Right Now

An Exploding Smartphone Probably Destroyed This Guy's Jeep

"Not the barbecue I wanted on my day off."
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The iPhone 7 Doesn't Have a Headphone Jack

The headphone jack is dead, long live the choking hazard–size "AirPods."
VICE Staff

Text a Syrian: a New Service Will Help Refugees Navigate Life in Canada

Canada's 26,000 refugees can text this service to find out where to buy groceries, or get a doctor.
David Silverberg

A Pakistani Startup Is Trying to Banish Fake Prescription Drugs

Counterfeit drugs are laced with tar, paint, and rat poison.
Samar Warsi

Pick the Best Mobile Phone Photo of the Year

Surreal seagulls, bridges to nowhere, and other stunning images have been shortlisted for Sony's Mobile Phone Photography Award.
Becky Chung

A Cardboard 'Pill' a Day Keeps Dead Smartphone Batteries Away

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien may have the antidote to low battery syndrome, in the form of these small, eco-friendly cardboard pellets.
Wouter Kloot at The Creators Project Netherlands