modern baseball


Slaughter Beach, Dog's "Acolyte" Is Pretty Much the Perfect Love Song

It's the last song on Modern Baseball co-frontman Jake Ewald's second solo LP, 'Birdie.'


Hurry Up and Check Out Hurry's Video for "Casual Feelings"

It's gonna make you want to do cool stunts with your friends.


Watching Kris Bryant And Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Bedrock

The Chicago Cubs have done everything to build a seamless, thoroughly contemporary World Series contender. But they still rely on a pair of old-school mashers.


Watch the Modern Baseball Man Throw the First Baseball at a Baseball Game

Nothing more American than emo and professional baseball.


Hear a Song from Broken Beak’s Debut Album (Featuring Members of Modern Baseball)

Minimal downtempo jamming with short bursts of rockin’ guitar licks in a style that would make Built to Spill proud.


This Modern Baseball Documentary Will Adorably Answer Any Questions You Have About Modern Baseball

It also delves into the more serious themes behind their new album, 'Holy Ghost.'


“Modern Baseball Saved My Life”: Brendan Lukens on Fighting Depression and Anxiety

The guitarist opens up about how playing in a band saved him from depression.


Listen to the Feel-Bad New Jam from Modern Baseball, "Revenge of the Nameless Ranger"

“I’m just not the same, and I’m never gonna be again."


Listen to Steady Hands' 'Tropical Depression' EP

Sean Huber of Modern Baseball steps out from behind the drums to front this seven-piece band.


Watch The Weaks Get Replaced by Modern Baseball and a Guy Eating a Hot Dog

"Kick it" with the distortion-heavy Philly band.


How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Shift

Baseball's governing grumps have decided that defensive shifts are a problem. But maybe this is just the game changing with the times. Let's enjoy that, for once.