“Worse Than a Death Sentence”: Inside India’s Sham Trials That Could Strip Millions of Citizenship

"Foreigners Tribunals" in the state of Assam are deeply biased against Bengalis and Muslims, a VICE News investigation has found.


India is threatening to sue WhatsApp over mob lynchings linked to fake news

“Rampant circulation of irresponsible messages in large volumes on WhatsApp’s platform has not been addressed adequately."


India’s fake news epidemic is killing people, and Modi’s government has no plan to stop it

“The bigger responsibility lies not with social media companies but with the state that is facilitating this environment of hate and impunity.”


Christians and Muslims Face More Persecution by Hindu Extremists in India, Groups Say

Christian churches have been attacked and Muslims have been murdered over their consumption of beef by a "fringe" group of Hindu extremists who want India to be governed by Hindu laws.


25,000 Indian Farmers Are Threatening to Kill Themselves Tomorrow

Heavy rains, low wages, high debt, and government destruction of farmland all add up to an increasingly desperate situation for India's farmers.


Modi Offers Backhanded ‘Despite Being a Woman’ Compliment to Bangladeshi Prime Minister

The Indian leader’s unfortunate choice of words sparked criticism and a debate about his commitment to combatting his country’s sexual assault epidemic.


Actor Kal Penn Fronts White House Video of Obama’s India Trip

The Harold & Kumar star fronts an official White House video on Obama's visit to India, explaining why the US president is there in the first place and how he "hit it off" with Prime Minister Modi.


Australia's Partnership With an Indian Mining Giant Could Destroy the Great Barrier Reef

The company building a massive coal port in Australia near the Great Barrier Reef has a troubling environmental record in India.


How India's New Prime Minister Won Over the Tea Party

Narendra Modi may be the first world leader to record a welcome message for an American political action committee.


Requiem for India’s Congress Party: A Loser’s Diary

The Congress Party, it turns out, lost badly amid wide dissatisfaction with the country’s infrastructural development.