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We Talked to the Flat Earther Who Took to the Sky in a DIY Rocket

“Before the launch, some girl threw her pair of panties inside of the rocket. They're hanging on my wall right now.”
Mack Lamoureux
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That Flat Earther Finally Took Off in His DIY Rocket to Prove We're All Idiots

His next mission? Running for governor.
Drew Schwartz

Flat Earther Survives Rocket Launch, Earth Still Round

Watch "Mad" Mike Hughes beat his own previous record by launching himself to just under 1,900 feet in a homebrew rocket.
Daniel Oberhaus

Murder in the Mojave: Homicides and Body Dumps in the California Desert

The desert's massive size and inhospitable conditions make it the perfect place to hide a body.
Nile Cappello
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Floating Points Shares New Live Video Recorded in the Mojave Desert

It's from his upcoming 27-minute film 'Reflections – Mojave Deser​t,' entirely featuring brand new compositions.
Alexander Iadarola
Drain the Desert

Trump Is Backing a Company That Wants to Drain Water from the Mojave Desert

This is like Mad Max in real life.
Ben Adler

Take a Photo Tour of a Junk Dada Electronic Wasteland in the Desert

Welcome to Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum of Assemblage Sculpture.
Naomi Melati Bishop
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China Wants in on High-Speed Rails in the US, Starting with Los Angeles

A private company and a consortium of Chinese rail firms are planning a 185 mile track connecting greater Los Angeles to Vegas.
Clinton Nguyen

These Guys Claim They've Made the Biggest Piece of Illegal Graffiti in the World

The group responsible, Indecline, was previously best known for creating the <i>Bumfights</i> videos and allegedly stealing body parts from a hospital in Thailand.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Let's Find the Hidden Ed Ruscha Sculpture in the Mojave

A new documentary by the co-writer of 'Eternal Sunshine' has enlisted a team of experts and screenwriters to find a fake rock. In the desert. Seriously.
Emerson Rosenthal

Rick Alverson's New Sundance Movie 'Entertainment' Explores the End of the American West

The director's latest movie is a haunting deconstruction of a small-time performer's psyche as he travels across the desolate Mojave Desert.
Michael Nordine