Molly Ringwald


Molly Ringwald on How DIY Nail Art Helps Her Empty Out Her Brain

"Nail art takes dexterity and focus, and when I'm doing it, I don't think about anything else. It's my form of weird meditation."


Explore LA's Fame Obsession with Giant 3D Postcards

LA-based artist Alex Israel uses billboards, talk shows, and fake beaches to re-evaluate the City of Angels.


That's So Ravin': To Swerve or Not To Swerve

What's worse: getting drunk, getting high, or having to be the designated driver? Some navigational tips from Ms. Samoan.


We Saw This: An Evening with Molly Ringwald

Last Saturday the Melbourne Recital Centre hosted an Evening with Molly Ringwald. Incredibly when the queen of puberty walked on stage she didn’t buy a bra, get her period or stare open mouthed at the cutest boy in school.


Tips for Having a Successful Celebrity AMA on Reddit

Take heed, celebrities! If you want to court the internet, be prepared… to have fun with us. Yeahhhh, I know, can you imagine? You? Having fun? Just remember, we're electing you to your position. Make it seem like we could have a beer with you, and we...


Beats and Rhymes

In honor of Molly Ringwald, I hollered at my man DJ Z-Trip this month for a little conversation on Anthony Michael Hall's favorite decade.