Monday Night Raw

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The Top 25 WWE Entrance Songs of All Time

As ‘Monday Night RAW’ celebrates its 25th anniversary, we count down the 25 best wrestler themes.
Sean Neumann

WWE's Failed Double Turn Is a Loss for Everyone

Double turns are incredibly rare because they're so hard to pull off. Well, WWE pulled it off this week with Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman—and then the promotion threw their work in the trash.
Ian Williams

WWE Reportedly Wants LaVar Ball on Raw and Nothing Has Ever Made More Sense

Loud and outlandish? Check. Shit talking? Check. Performative dance of doing something macho? Double check.
Liam Daniel Pierce

Seth Rollins Is Hurt, and WWE Gets a Chance

Seth Rollins' catastrophic knee injury is a terrible break for him and everyone who likes wrestling. For the WWE, it's an opportunity to tell a new story.
Ian Williams
desperate times and desperate measures

Some Notes On A Very Bad, Very Strange Monday Night Raw

At three overblown hours, WWE's "Monday Night Raw" is almost always a heavy lift. But Monday's overstuffed, cameo-crammed installment was bad in a new ay.
Ian Williams
Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar Destroys Car On "Raw", Throws Door Into Crowd Injuring a Fan

Brock Lesnar destroyed a car on "Monday Night Raw" and threw a door into the crowd, injuring a fan.
Sean Newell
Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Kicks Seth Rollins in the Nuts on 'Monday Night Raw'

Jon Stewart was on Monday Night Raw and kicked Seth Rollins right in the nuts. Like a real wrestler!
Sean Newell
raw is pun

Delino DeShields and Monday Night Raw Were One For a Night

It'll be quite awhile before such timely creativity is topped at a wrestling event.
Tim Ryan