Monica Heisey


Some Important Questions for 'Sex Box,' the TV Show Where People Have Sex in a Box

Like 20 to 30 percent of genital warts, the infamous show 'Sex Box' has returned. And I have some queries.


We Asked Comedians Why It's So Hard to Make Fun of Stephen Harper

"It feels like punching down and in comedy you're supposed to punch up. And then you're like 'Oh wait, duh, but he's the prime minister!' but by that time he's taken away your reproductive rights. What a goof!"


Getting a Job, a Short Story by Your Parents

An excerpt from longtime VICE contributor and Broadly editor-at-large Monica Heisey's new book, 'I Can't Believe It's Not Better.'


Courtroom Fashion Through the Ages

From Joan of Arc to Lindsay Lohan, an incomplete timeline of famous women's courtroom apparel.


Literature's Latest Success Story Is a Book About the 'Magic of Tidying Up'

Reading Marie Kondo's word-of-mouth hit "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" had me spending my evenings lying on the floor, thanking my sweaters individually for keeping me warm.


How to Embrace Your Aging Vagina

"Vaginal rejuvenation" is the hot buzzword aiming to get women everywhere feeling terrible about the effects of time on their private parts.


We Really Need to Talk About Grief

Wouldn't it be useful to have a manual on how to deal with those in mourning? After her mother died, Annie Broadbent went and wrote one.


This Artist Adds Superheroes and Crime Fighters to Neighborhood Watch Signs

We interviewed Andrew Lamb, the 30-year-old artist who has been pasting images of characters from comic books, cartoons, and cult television series on Toronto's neighborhood watch signs.


It's Time to Shut Up About Your Pubes

Do we have to love our pubes? Is an apparently obligatory pride in our underbrush as unhelpful as the previously obligatory shame? You do not need to defend your bod. But you also don't need to keep talking about it.


We Talked to a Dick Pic Expert About Vag Pics

Madeleine Holden, the curator and commentator behind Critique My Dick Pic offers tips: Use gentle lighting. Make sure the background is visually-appealing and clear of clutter. Include your hands in the picture.


Are You Ready To Fuck Like a Nerd?

As a group, nerds may be especially suited—if not wholly predisposed—to great sex and relationships.


How to Have Better Sex in 2014

I talked to a bunch of normal people I know and asked them what happened with their dicks, pussies, and asses in 2013 and what they're going to do to make it better in 2014.