Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky Wants Bill Clinton to Apologize to Her

"I’m less disappointed by him, and more disappointed for him. He would be a better man for it . . . and we, in turn, a better society," Lewinsky wrote in an essay for Vanity Fair.
Marie Solis

Abuse of Power Can Happen at Any Age

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton said because Monica Lewinsky "was an adult," Bill Clinton did not abuse his power over her. Experts say that abuses of power can happen at any age.
Leila Ettachfini

2017 Closes on a High Note: There's Monica Lewinsky Weed Now

See! Some good things actually happened in 2017.
Eve Peyser
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The Fourth Installment of 'American Crime Story' Will Cover the Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Creator Ryan Murphy also confirmed that actress Sarah Paulson is onboard, but stayed tight-lipped about her role.
Lauren Messman
Donald Trump

'Hillary's Lies Matter' Pins and Other Bonkers Merchandise at the RNC

The merch section of the Republican National Convention is great—if you hate Hillary, love the idea of bombing ISIS, and prefer your accessories to contain sexist messages.
Amy Lombard
sexual assault

Believe All Victims?: A Primer on Bill Clinton's Groping and Rape Allegations

Would women still feel comfortable having Bill Clinton back in the White House if his accusers had come forward today instead of twenty years ago?
Cole Kazdin

Valentine's Day Hangover? Try Hoverboard Porn: Last Week in Art

And Johnny Depp as Donald Trump signals a happy President's Day for all!
Sami Emory

The Creator of Told Us Why Men Start Cheating When Their Wives Are Pregnant

We asked Noel Biderman, the man behind one of the biggest online-dating sites for people seeking affairs, about his theories on adultery.
Allison Tierney

Monica Lewinsky Could Have Been Paris Hilton

If Monica Lewinsky had embraced her identity as the world's most famous other woman, she could have been Paris Hilton four years before <i>The Simple Life</i> aired.
Mitchell Sunderland