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Out for a Rip in a DIY Monster Truck Made of Spare Tractor Parts

“I’ve got some looks from cops but they just kind of nod at me.”
Jason Koebler
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Watch a Monster Truck Save an Army Vehicle from Houston Floodwaters

Drivers from the Dallas racetrack "Rednecks with Paychecks" brought five jacked-up trucks into Houston to do rescue work.
Drew Schwartz
monster trucks

What I Learned At Monster Jam XVII, The Super Bowl Of Monster Trucks

For two days, the world's finest monster trucks meet in Las Vegas to make tons of noise. These are their stories, or at least what it's like to watch them flip over.
Ed Zitron

Small Towns, Big Trucks: Rev Head Family Bonding in Country Victoria

Against a soundtrack of AC/DC, photographer Louis Mitchell and filmmaker Damian Kane documented the alcohol and corn dog-fueled monster truck fans in Korumburra.
Louis Mitchell

This Badass Female Monster Truck Driver Does Backflips in a Scooby Doo–Shaped Car

"Now, jumping huge is really hard to describe. There's no sensation like it. I'm driving a 12-foot Scooby Doo truck, and I'm flying through the air. I feel like a superhero in a cartoon."
Jocelyn Silver
monster trucks

Drunk Woman Explains Love at Atlanta Monster Truck Show

True love, as described at a monster truck rally is beautiful and everything else you could ever want it to be.
Sean Newell

Japan's Fascinating Art Truck Scene

Photographer Tatsuki Masaru has made it his mission to document the Decotora, the souped-up cars adding sparkle to Japan's rolling highways.
Laura Feinstein

Monster Trucks... On Acid!

When we heard that a Monster Jam event was happening about two hours outside of New York, we grabbed our buddy Dan, shoved two hits of acid down his throat, and headed up to Hartford, Connecticut, to find out what kind of damage a gigantic truck with...
Dan Meyer