Finally, the World Has a Giant, Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Statue

Behold, one of the greatest artistic achievements of our time.


A Kentucky mayor has fought for years to remove Confederate statues

President Trump made his opposition to the removal of confederate monuments very clear, but he may already be behind the curve, as communities like Lexington, Kentucky, take action on their own.


No Ten Commandments Monument Is Safe from the Wrath of Michael Reed

In 2014, he destroyed a Ten Commandments statue in Oklahoma. On Wednesday, he came for one in Arkansas.


New York's New LGBTQ+ Monument Rocks and Shines

The installation by Anthony Goicolea features boulders that reflect sunlight as rainbow patterns.


A Guerrilla Florist Is Putting Flower Beards on Statues

Geoffroy Mottart's blooming facial hair is waaay cooler than any flower crown.


These fishermen say Obama’s new ocean preserve will leave them high and dry

VICE News traveled to New Bedford, Massachusetts, home of the most profitable fishing port in the US, to found out why fishermen are unhappy with the new monument.


When Artwork Survives Catastrophe

From 9/11 to Islamic State pillaging, historical events literally shaped these artworks.


Painter Reveals 2,307 Obama Portraits (And Counting)

Rob Pruitt's six-year-long daily 'The Obama Paintings' project goes on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.


This Artist Has Painted Obama's Portrait Every Day for 6 Years

Rob Pruitt will have painted 2,306 pictures of POTUS by the time 'The Obama Paintings' series debuts at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in May.


[Video Premiere] Röyksopp and Robyn's "Monument"

The Creators Project is debuting the music video for "Monument," which we produced alongside a behind-the-scenes feature on the visual epic's creation.