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Here's How to Make That Amazing Hard Apple Cider from 'VICE WORLD OF SPORTS'

It’ll make your kitchen smell amazing. But look out: When something this tasty is made with everclear, you’ve gotta watch yourself before you get hit like a hockey puck.
Munchies Staff

Rakija Is the Fire That Fuels the Balkans

“When you taste it, you can tell exactly what family made it,” one Macedonian man told me of rakija, a home-distilled spirit that's a staple in the Balkans.
Michaela Trimble

China Detains Two Men for Selling Booze Commemorating Tiananmen Square Massacre

State authorities in the Southwestern province of Sichuan just detained two men for trying to sell and promote limited-edition bottles of baijiu bearing labels that commemorate the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.
Alex Swerdloff

Thailand's Dirt-Cheap Moonshine Is Going Upscale in Bangkok

Ya dong is a potent Thai liquor that's infused with medicinal herbs and sold at street stalls for a pittance. But it's increasingly showing up in fancier and much more expensive renditions in Bangkok's high-end bars and restaurants.
Natalie B. Compton

When San Francisco's Tech Bubble Crashes, Will We Party in Abandoned Start-Ups? Dubtribe Thinks So

We caught up with the iconic live rave outfit to hear about the changing tides of their beloved city, and what the future might bring.
Greg Scruggs

How Would-Be Alchemists Made Booze During Prohibition

Matthew Rowley’s new book <i>Lost Recipes of Prohibition</i> examines an era when compounders and distillers of varying abilities were doing their best to keep people buzzed.
Wyatt Marshall
Valentine's Day

Pierre Kwenders Made Us a Valentine's Day Playlist of His Favorite Love Songs

From Gil Scott-Heron to Michael Jackson, the Congolese-Canadian artist can't get enough of these tracks.
THUMP Canada Staff

I Tried to Make My Own Vegemite Moonshine

Australia’s Indigenous Affairs Minister came under fire last week after warning that the country’s remote Aboriginal communities were distilling illicit alcohol from Vegemite. I put the claim to the test by attempting to brew my own batch.
George Nelson

The Time I Drank Vegemite Moonshine and Stayed Very Sober

The reason I knew yesterday's Vegemite-hooch story was bogus? Because I tried (and failed) to brew some last year.
Julian Morgans

Australian Officials Are Concerned About a Possible Vegemite Moonshine Epidemic

Aside from the occasional geocaching cyberpunk, nothing tugs on the threads of the social fabric with more malice than a bunch of disenfranchised youths pounding back frosty glasses of yeasty vegetable spread.
Alex Swerdloff

Watch a Kenyan Official Almost Blow Himself Up with 10 Tons of Bootleg Liquor

Reminder: Alcohol plus fire equals boom. A Kenyan governor learned the hard way that blowing up liquor will get you more bang than you bargained for.
Munchies Staff

Illicit Moonshine Culture Is Dead

Illegal (for-profit) moonshine is heaving its dying breaths now that this misunderstood spirit is getting commercialized.
Colin Spoelman