Moritz Stefaner


Predict Winds to Come with a Climate Data Visualization Tool

FutureEverything and Moritz Stefaner team up with climate scientists to create a wind predicting weather tool.


'On Broadway' Is a Stunning, Data-Driven Portrait of Life in New York City

Explore all 13 miles of Broadway in an interactive installation at the New York Public Library.


These Tasty Infographics Make Data Viz More Digestible

"Data Cuisine" represents stats about homelessness and education budget cuts with haute cuisine. This is a punch to your mind and tastebuds.


Moritz Stefaner Maps The Life Of A City

Using data culled from Foursquare and Yelp, the artist represents various cities according to cultural activity.


Emoto Tells Us What The World (Well, Twitter) Thinks About The London 2012 Olympics

Been dissing Bradley Wiggin’s sideburns on Twitter? It’s all getting noted by this real-time visualization tool.