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The Contraception Controversy in 'Black Mirror'

On 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we get our facts straight about Plan B and the abortion pill.
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You Can Now Get Plan B Out of a Vending Machine in Yolo County

We talked with students on the UC Davis campus where the "Wellness to Go" vending machine is located to find out how they feel about the quick and easy availability of the morning-after pill.
Chloe Kim

How Reproductive Health Makes It Harder to Travel as a Woman

Sometimes a morning after pill requires leaving the country.
Christine Estima

Why It's Bad That the Morning After Pill Isn't Free in the UK

Just because you might have gotten it for free, doesn't mean everybody can.
Hannah Ewens

The Morning-After Pill Needs to Be Cheaper and More Accessible, Advocates Say

If you're in the UK, the morning-after pill costs up to £30 and is only available after a mandatory consultation with a pharmacist. A new campaign explains why that has to change.
Zing Tsjeng

Why British Women Are Forced to Pay More for the Morning-After Pill

New research finds that British women and their Irish neighbours pay more than anyone else in Europe for the morning-after pill. We ask campaigners why some women are being denied access to a widely effective and safe form of contraception.
Sirin Kale

How Much You Should Worry About Taking the Morning-After Pill Too Often

Despite rumors linking it with a litany of side effects, use of emergency contraception is on the rise. We asked a gynecologist if any of these fears are founded.
Polina Bachlakova

Why Do Hangovers Start Hurting Way Worse in Our 20s?

A scientific explanation of why three wines is suddenly enough to ruin your life.
Matilda Whitworth

This Abortion Travel Agency Is Fake, But Abortion Tourism Is Very Real

The agency is a fictional creation as part of a Hungary-based campaign to raise awareness about reproductive rights. And yet, in many ways, it’s not fake, either.
Kaleigh Rogers
Question Of The Day

How Much Plan B Is Too Much?

We live in a highly sophisticated society that has invested billions in creating multiple ways for humans to enjoy boning without having to worry about the consequences. So there is no shame in hitting up the clinic for that Plan B every now and again...
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The Stardust & Moonbeams Issue

There’s Juice in the Fridge…

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