Morton Subotnick


Morton Subotnick Has Been Expanding Minds and Music for More Than 50 Years

The pioneering electronic composer, who just debuted a new piece at Lincoln Center, is getting a doc that celebrates his contributions to music.


Watch an Exclusive Clip from a New Morton Subotnick Doc

The electronic pioneer discusses the making of his 1967 classic 'Silver Apples of the Moon' in this scene from Waveshaper's forthcoming film.


Trip Metal Fest Was Free—In Every Sense of the Word

How Wolf Eyes turned a meme into an experimental music festival.


“You Realize You’ve Never Heard Anything Like This Before:" A Look at the Early Days of Dance Music

Olmeca Tequila & THUMP present Switched ON: A Journey Through Electronic Music.


At 81, the Godfather of the Synth Is Still Shaping Sound

Morton Subotnick is touring again, and I recently had the chance to catch up with him when he visited his former home of San Francisco.


Motherboard TV: Morton Subotnick, Father of Electronic Music

What kind of music would robots make? Blips and bloops, most likely, with a whole lot of abstract tones and soundwave manipulation. You know, droning stuff that sounds like auditory binary. I mean, come on. How musical could a robot be?Such were the...


Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick

The Motherboard music show Electric Independence checks in with Morton Subotnick. Subotnick has been synthesizing sound since the early 60s. He has made some of the most important contributions to electronic music including, but not limited to...