Mosquitoes Are Now Vectors for Pollution as Well as Disease

Scientists find that insects can poison birds and fish with plastic they ate as larvae.


Bicycle Ambulances Helped Cut the Malaria Death Rate in Zambia by 96 Percent

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How to Avoid the Disease-Carrying Insects That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

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Climate Change Could Cause More Deadly Infections Worldwide

“It takes an enormous toll on human health, it causes massive suffering, and it’s something to be taken very seriously.”


The US Just Approved ‘Killer’ Lab-Grown Mosquitoes to Help Fight Disease

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Disease-spreading mosquitoes could soon overrun Puerto Rico

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Christine Curry Is Helping Expecting Mothers With Zika Prepare For an Uncertain Future

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This Single Vaccine Could Protect Against Zika, Dengue, and Malaria

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Why One Man Let Mosquitoes Bite Him 200 Times

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