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Crocodiles, Fake Factories, and Nukes—Investigating Israel's Not-So-Secret Nuclear Program

"This is not a topic for conversation," the former head of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission told VICE News when asked about Israel's worst-kept secret — its nuclear weapons arsenal.
Harriet Salem

An Israeli Spy Who Spent Nearly Half His Life in US Jail Has Just Been Released

Here's what we know about Jonathan Pollard, the US intelligence analyst who spent nearly 30 years in jail for handing over top-secret information to Israel. Today he walked free.
Harriet Salem

Hamas Says it Captured an Israeli Spy Dolphin

The Palestinian militant group reportedly claims to have captured an aquatic mammal equipped with underwater recording devices and an arrow-firing weapon off Gaza’s coastline.
Harriet Salem

Kidnap Obama, 'Extradite the Bastard': A British Politician Urged Israel to Lock Up the US President

UKIP's Jeremy Zeid resigned after suggesting that the Israelis "do an Eichmann" on Obama — a reference to Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann, who was kidnapped by Israeli intelligence in 1960.
Ben Bryant

Islamic State Video Allegedly Shows 'Cub of the Caliphate' Killing a Palestinian Teen

In a "confession," the Palestinian teen said he was recruited by Israel's Mossad after being encouraged to do so by his father and older brother.
Harriet Salem

Are Israeli Spies Coercing Iranian Dissidents into Becoming Hitmen?

We asked a former Mossad combatant to tell us who's killing Iran's nuclear scientists.
Alex Chitty
Motherboard Blog

Who's Murdering Iran's Scientists? An Ex-Mossad Agent On Assassinations

Earlier this month, Iranian police found the body of Mojtaba Ahmadi, head of the Iranian Cyber Warfare squad, in what has all the hallmarks of a classic spy assassination. So I called up a former member of Mossad.
Alex Chitty

Why Is No One Talking About Ben Zygier?

Last month, Israel struck a 1.2 million dollar deal with the parents of Melbourne-born Mossad agent. The payout marks the end of the Prisoner X case, which despite having national security implications, did little to capture the attention of Australia...
Lily Jovic