Mosul dam

Islamic State

Fresh Round of US Airstrikes Target Islamic State Around Iraq's Haditha Dam

The strikes move American military operations closer to the Syrian border.
Liz Fields
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Video Reportedly Shows Islamic State Beheading of American Journalist Steven Sotloff

The group claims to have beheaded Steven Sotloff in the latest video, which is being circulated to the media by SITE Intelligence Group.
Alice Speri

Fighting Continues on Multiple Fronts Across Iraq

Iraqi and Kurdish forces continued to battle the Islamic State, including a third high-profile assault on Tikrit.
John Beck

Islamic State Is Pushed Back but Fierce Fighting Continues Around Iraq's Mosul Dam

The Iraqi military claims to have “fully cleansed” Mosul Dam of the Islamic State, but VICE News saw that the battle is still underway.
John Beck

Why the Kurdish Peshmerga Have Many Troubles in Stopping the Islamic State

Besides a vicious enemy, the peshmerga have plenty of difficulties of their own, such as outdated arms, experience, and internal rivalries.
Hetav Rojan

Total Chaos in Northern Iraq as Islamic State Takes Country's Largest Dam

The Sunni militants made significant gains today, displacing tens of thousands and leaving Kurdish and Iraqi forces scrambling to respond.
Alice Speri

Kurdish Forces Prepare to Counterattack the Islamic State

With the help of Iraqi airpower, the peshmerga are hoping to retake territory they lost to the Islamic State over the weekend.
John Beck