• 8.15.12

      Motherboard TV: Making Slime With Dan Deacon

      It was 3pm when we got word that Dan Deacon wanted to hang out with Motherboard. We knew it would be worth it to make the 5 hour trek to Baltimore to check in on Deacon, whose new album “America” launches August 26/27.

    • 1.4.12

      MBTV: Immaculate Telegraphy: Building a Stone Age Electronic Network

      This week is host to the 173rd anniversary of the first test of the telegraph, which was one of the biggest communications breakthroughs in human history. On January 6, 1938, Samuel Morse first successfully sent out some bleeps and bloops in Morristown...

    • 5.4.11

      Motherboard TV: Richard Garriott

      The video game pioneer Richard Garriott resides in a castle-like mansion outside of Austin, Texas, that would be the fantasy dwelling for any grown-up kid.

    • 4.5.11

      The Sakawa Boys: Inside the Bizarre Criminal World of Ghana’s Cyber-Juju Email Scam Gangs

      While Nigeria's 401 scammers may have written the book on West African internet fraud, their shtick looks like Compuserve compared to what's going on in Ghana.

    • 3.30.11

      Electric Independence: John Foxx

      We visit John Foxx deep in the darkest depths of Shoreditch, East London, at the studio of his latest collaborator, Benge to wax nostalgic about Ultravox and get a closer look at the studio the bore _Interplay_, the latest album by John Foxx and the...

    • 3.16.11

      Electric Independence: Ulrich Schnauss

      When post-shoegaze magician - the peerless electronic wunderkind - Ulrich Schnauss invited us to his apartment in London, he specified it would have to be at night due to his predilection for 'nocturnal' activities. What a way to set the scene.

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    • 2.22.11

      Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick

      The Motherboard music show Electric Independence checks in with Morton Subotnick. Subotnick has been synthesizing sound since the early 60s. He has made some of the most important contributions to electronic music including, but not limited to...

    • 10.19.10

      Video: Immaculate Telegraphy: How One Man Built a Telegraph Using Only Stone Age Materials

      h5. Watch a preview "here": You may be proud of yourself for being able to camp, even build a fire, perhaps even read a compass. But...

    • 10.12.10

      Misusing the Internet: JODI Are the Mysterious Pioneers of Net Art: Video

      Since the days of dial-up, the mysterious artists behind have been turning the web into a Dadaist canvas through deranged ASCII-leaking websites, viral CD-ROMs, three-dimensional video installations and haunted video game modifications.

    • 9.21.10

      Electric Independence: Chromeo

      Chromeo may be the only Arab/Jewish electrofunk duo on the planet. Let that mixture be a smooth metaphor for their unique sound, a blend of fancy synthesizers, old computers, and older funk phrasings, torn from the days when the lords of the disco wore...

    • 1.20.10

      Electric Independence: Xeno and Oaklander, a Short Documentary on the Electronic Musicians

      Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride make up the minimal electronics duo known as "Xeno and Oaklander": Instead of geeking out on software like much of their Brooklyn brethren, the pair record their songs live in their...